Unemployment Insurance

Tuition Waiver Certificate

Unemployment Insurance claimants who have had an active claim within the last 60 days may be able to attend a Rhode Island state college course without paying tuition if certain income requirements are met.

If your unemployment claim is filed against another state we cannot determine your eligibility online. Contact the Call Center at 401-415-6772 during business hours.

Choose the general information option and press zero to speak to a claims interviewer.
To check your eligibility and download the Tuition Waiver Certificate, please enter your Social Security Number, BYE Code, and PIN below. Press "Submit" to continue.
Help Enter your 9-digit Social Security Number.
Help Enter your 2-digit BYE Code.
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For any problems or questions, please contact the Call Center during business hours at 401-415-6772.

(×) Your PIN is the same number you selected during your weekly certification. Your PIN is required before you can access your tuition waiver eligibility online.